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The Little Stars

 The Little Stars is not a traditional soccer training program. The fundamental purpose of this program is to provide novice players and their parents with a tempered, pressure-free introduction to the beautiful game of soccer.
In these sessions your preschooler will develop balance, coordination and movement with and without the ball through adventure based activities. The program will not only build soccer and motor skills but it will also provide your child with an opportunity to meet other active children and give them a head start on following instructions in a group environment.

The sessions are only once per week on Tuesday's at 5:30 directed by CSFC licensed trainers. To register please click here!!!

Training objectives are specifically designed for the U4/U5 age group and they are in concert with a comprehensive program that progresses through each season and each age group to introduce soccer skills that are developmentally appropriate. The training objectives will be delivered through a program centered around game-based and FUN (Foundation, Understanding, and Nurturing) activities using teaching methods of Staggered Repetition, Guided Discovery and Open-ended questions. 

Fun, Fun, Fun ...with purpose 

Physical - Development of Motor Skills: 
  • Balance, coordination, agility and speed 
Psychological -Development of Social Skills: 
  • Learning to interact with other players in order to play the game 
Technical -Ball Manipulation: 
  •  Dribbling with both feet: focus on using all surfaces of the foot to control the ball (inside, outside, laces and sole) 
  •  Basic change(s) of direction 
Tactical - Introduction to the Game Insight and Understanding of the Game: 
  • Game takes place in a defined area, 
  • Game has an objective, 
  • Game has rules, 
  • Game involves other players 
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